Workshop with CA Conrad in Toronto on June 22, 2013

Internationally renowned poet and workshop leader CA Conrad offers a three-hour workshop in Toronto; spaces limited.


This mechanistic world, as it becomes more and more efficient, resulting in ever increasing brutality, has required us to find our bodies to find our planet in order to find our poetry.  (Soma)tic poetry rituals aim our attention at two basic principles:

1. Everything around us has a creative viability with the potential to spur new modes of thought and imaginative output.

2. The most vital ingredient to bringing sustainable, humane changes to our world is creativity.

The last large wild beasts are being hunted, poisoned, asphyxiated in one way or another, and the transmission of their wildness is dying, taming. A desert is rising with this falling pulse. It is our duty as poets and others who have not lost our jagged, creative edges to FILL that gap, and RESIST the urge to subdue our spirits and lose ourselves in the hypnotic beep of machines, of war, and the banal need for power, and things. With our poems and creative core, we must RETURN THIS WORLD to its seismic levels of wildness.

(Soma)tic rituals can be found at this link:

Donations  accepted.

About CA Conrad:

CAConrad teaches (Soma)tic Poetry Workshops at the Summer Writing Program of the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University.  He has also taught workshops in NYC, Philadelphia, Tucson, Baltimore, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other places.  He has five poetry collections, the most recent is A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon: New (Soma)tics (Wave Books, 2012).  The Book of Frank (Wave Books, 2010) has been translated into German, Spanish, and most recently Swedish.  He is a 2011 PEW Fellow, a 2013 BANFF Fellow, and you can find his poems at

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