VEI on Constant Critic

Karla Kelsey on Violet Energy Ingots:

“‘Haunted Sonnet,’ which both is and is not a sonnet—and which is punctuated by absence and a vivid immediacy, employing swift shifts and fragmentation at the same time that it enjambs and floods—well-embodies the formal tension at work throughout Violet Energy Ingots. Carrying these signature formal techniques through the book affords the work continuity even as it ranges in tone, diction, and the visual pattern of the page. Indeed, these signature tensions are so deeply stitched into the manuscript that we might read the title itself as a description of them: Violet (a plant found both wild and cultivated, a color which might appear solid but is a wave of light); Energy (the kinetic body in motion, the potential body defining itself through the stresses created by the bodies around it); Ingots (both a mold in which metal is cast and a mass of cast metal—form is content and content is form).”

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