Interview with Hoa Nguyen with James Lindsay on Toronto’s Open Book

by James Lindsay

In his introduction to Red Juice (poems 1998-2008), Anselm Berrigan describes the poetry of Hoa Nguyen as, “sonic environments made word by word, provoked by lived experience into forms …

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Interview on the Rusty Toque




Jacqueline Valencia interviews Hoa Nguyen here.



“What matters to me in poetry is when poetry risks saying something–and addresses the complicated mess that is modernity.”

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Interview with Hoa Nguyen on Kore Biters

Hoa Nguyen on Kore Biters: A monthly interview series that highlights the writing and literary activism of women writers who are transgressive and transformative by Arisa White and Rosebud Ben-Oni.


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Poetry and Pho

In conversation with the amazing poet Paul Maziar.

“There’s ever a sense of dailiness in Nguyen’s poems, which are full of life — right now as well as the past. Reading these poems one imagines her dancing around the house …

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Hoa Nguyen with Brenna Lee at Gesture


“Through investigation and play, her words show us new perspectives in which to view the mundane and ordinary. Her poems are also often a descent into the internal body, as well as into the space and silence surrounding the …

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In conversation with Dale Smith

On the Conversant–this was recorded in September 2012 from a secret location on Algonquin Island, in bed, with Prosecco…

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