Living Room: An Essay on Teaching, Poets, and Poetry by Hoa Nguyen




Blog post for the Bagley Wright Lecture Series where I talk about teaching creative writing, poets, and poetry as a living room.



“I feel like this image captures something of my life and practice as …

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Happy Birthday, Amiri Baraka

& organize
yr sh*t
as rightly burning!”
–Amiri Baraka from AM/TRAK
Photo from the workshop’s celebration of his life…

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Workshop Forming: Reading & Writing with Baraka’s S O S

Reading and Writing through Amiri Baraka’s selected poems with poet Hoa Nguyen 
A Poetry Workshop from Sept. 7 to Dec. 6, 2015
(Cyberspace and Toronto)




In this workshop, we will study Amiri Baraka’s selected poems S O S

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