Toronto’s Sister Writes Celebrates Nguyen’s Violet Energy Ingots

Cindy Maguire on Violet Energy Ingots:

“Hoa Nguyen, two-time guest workshop leader at Sister Writes, has made the shortlist for the world’s largest poetry prize, the Griffin. She is nominated for her latest collection of poems, Violet Energy Ingots, a book that the judging committee described as “…confident of both its voice and its readers’ alertness. It makes its own space. It demands it and holds it.”

Hoa used the same language at Sister Writes, urging workshop participants to “take up space, be heard and make things happen.”

This is what her poetry does. It seeps into your consciousness demanding attention and time, so that you find yourself reciting and rereading, intrigued by the juxtaposition of words, the fragmented endings of lines, especially the half-words that can’t be ignored, the hopscotching and then circling back to the interconnected ideas, the literary and mythical references.”

Read the entire article here on Sister Writes.


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