Selected Publications:

2016 Violet Energy Ingots, Wave Books, Seattle, WA
2014 Red Juice: Poems 1998 – 2008, Wave Books, Seattle, WA
2012 As Long As Trees Last, Wave Books, Seattle, WA
2009 Hecate Lochia, Hot Whiskey Press, Austin, TX
2002 Your Ancient See Through, Sub Press, Honolulu, HI

Booklets and Chapbooks

2015 Tells of the Crackling, Ugly Duckling Presse, New York, NY
2011 Late in the Month, Country Valley Press, Carson City, NV
2010 Chinaberry, Facsimile, Philadelphia, PA
2009 Kiss A Bomb Tattoo, Effing Press, Austin, TX
2008 What Have You, Longhouse Books, Guilford, VT
2007 Poems, Dos Press, Maxwell, TX
2005 Six Poems, Tolling Elves, New York, NY
2005 Red Juice, Effing Press, Austin TX
2004 Add Some Blue, Backwoods Broadsides Chaplet Series, Orono ME
2000 Let’s Eat Red for Fun, Booglit, New York, NY
2000 Parrot Drum, Leroy Press, Oakland, CA
1998 Dark, Mike and Dale’s Press, San Francisco, CA


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As Long As Trees Last, Seattle, WA: Wave Books, 2012. Print. Buy ALATL now.






Chinaberry by Hoa Nguyen

Chinaberry by Hoa Nugyen

Nguyen, Hoa. Chinaberry. Santa Fe, NM: Fact Simile, 2010. Print. Buy Chinaberry now


hecate-lochia by Hoa Nguyen

Hecate-Lochia by Hoa Nguyen

Hecate Lochia. Prague: Hot Whiskey Press. 2009. Print.


Kiss a bomb tattoo by Hoa Nguyen

Kiss a bomb tattoo by Hoa Nguyen

Kiss a Bomb Tattoo. Austin: Effing Press. 2009. Print.


red juice by Hoa Nguyen

red juice by Hoa Nguyen

Red Juice. Austin: Effing Press. 2005. Print.


Hoa Nguyen poetryYour Ancient See Through. Subpress. 2001. Print.
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