Enter Drawing for a Virtual Seat in the Spicer Workshop

If you “like” (or have already liked) the Facebook page Writing Workshops with Hoa Nguyen, you qualify for a random drawing.

Prize for self or writer friend? A virtual seat in coming workshop on Jack Spicer!

Deadline Wednesday, January …

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A Honey Gun, Anyone: Review of Red Juice on DIAGRAM

“A Honey Gun, Anyone Ugh, Ya Neon Hug arranges our worldly objects, and unlike the poetic adoration of Joseph Cornell’s soft and contagious organization, Hoa Nguyen gives our objects (Walgreens, kitchen rugs, nail polish, the Super Bowls, etc.) a bite …

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APR names Red Juice among “Vital Books from 2014″

“Although Nguyen is a learned scholar and teacher of her wide-ranging influences—which include the Black Mountain College, the Beats, the second generation New York School, and others—her voice is resolutely her own: informal, domestic and irreverent, sloppy and precise, warm …

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Review of Red Juice in Mary Journal

“Nguyen’s poems always hold an undercurrent of the ignitable—and often, it seems, they do ignite and light up the spaces the phrases carry across the page.”

—Abbigail Baldys on *Red Juice* here.

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January 22: Reading for Livewords, Toronto




January 22, 2015: Livewords presents a poetry reading with 

Dilys LemanHoa NguyenClaire Scherzinger and Aaron Tucker 

at Toronto’s Betty’s Basement (upstairs in the party room), 7:30 PM. 

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Hoa Nguyen with Brenna Lee at Gesture


“Through investigation and play, her words show us new perspectives in which to view the mundane and ordinary. Her poems are also often a descent into the internal body, as well as into the space and silence surrounding the …

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Reading at Malvern’s Books in Austin TX

Hoa Nguyen, Dale Smith, and Julie Choffel read at Malvern books December 19, 2014. 

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Academy of American Poets Select Red Juice as 2014 “Stand Out” Book

“With a talent for the associative leap and for “telling it slant,” Nguyen crafts brief, arresting poems full of mind-bending inversions”

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The Critical Flame Reviews Red Juice

“Situating linguistic construction within a recognizable geo-political space, Nguyen accepts both the skepticism of uncreative writing and the need for marginalized identities to find voice in a politicized context. Red Juice explores not the validity of the lyric self, but …

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Poems in Summer Stock Journal

SS CoverFive poems online at Summer Stock.













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