Miami University Low-Res MFA: Faculty Poet Hoa Nguyen and Winter Residency

Miami University Low Residency MFA in Oxford, OH

Miami University Winter Residency
January 14-21, 2017
Oxford OH Campus

The Low-Residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program is a two-year, four-semester course of individualized study designed to help poets, fiction writers, screenwriters, creative nonfiction writers, and hybrid-genre writers hone their skill and work towards mastering their craft.

  • Combining Miami University’s long tradition of rigorous graduate English education with the best aspects of the low-residency model, students will learn to read and think as writers, while benefiting from working one-on-one from home with literary mentors.
  • Students will become part of an extended literary community, drawing inspiration from their mentors and fellow students, as well as rich literary traditions.

    Hoa Nguyen reads Thurs, 1/19

Winter Schedule includes daily crafts chats, workshops, and public readings 5PM at the Miami University Bookstore, Shriver Center

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