Fall 2011 Workshop from Toronto, also pickling

Landed here in Toronto, ON (Greektown/the Danforth), mostly unpacked and procrastinating the further unpacking of the kitchen with dreams of lacto-fermenting banana peppers from the large vegetable garden we assumed in our new place as well as considering the poet of study for a fall 2011 workshop (to begin 10/2). So far I am considering:

  • Creeley’s Collected Vol. I
  • Notley’s Alma & the Dead Women

The boys picked 27 peppers from the garden this morning. I will be pickling tonight and we’re grilling some zucchini and banana peppers with meat from our nearby butcher (local, humane, and grass raised!).

Would love to hear ideas/suggestions/opinions for the fall workshop.

And if you would like to help me make tomato sauce, talk poetry, help me pickle, talk to me while I unpack/organize or eat out of the garden, please come over.

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  1. Rabea Says:

    hey! kimberly put us in touch. are you talking about royal beef by any chance? i’m also in the hood. let’s talk.

  2. Hoa Says:

    o, yes, let’s!

    I’m referring to the Friendly Butcher. Unfortunately, we found out that it is closed today because of the holiday (new to us but not complaining!).

    So glad to hear from you…

  3. Mazarine Says:

    Fall workshop?

    I vote…Joe ceravolo? A bernadette Mayer reader?
    Also Also…
    Mary Ferrari?
    “I, Orhan veli” by Orhan Veli?
    Tony Towle?
    Keith Waldrop, My Nodebook for December?

    Call me, I can’t come over, but I miss you!


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