Fall 2011 Workshop from Toronto, also pickling

Landed here in Toronto, ON (Greektown/the Danforth), mostly unpacked and procrastinating the further unpacking of the kitchen with dreams of lacto-fermenting banana peppers from the large vegetable garden we assumed in our new place as well as considering the poet of study for a fall 2011 workshop (to begin 10/2). So far I am considering:

  • Creeley’s Collected Vol. I
  • Notley’s Alma & the Dead Women

The boys picked 27 peppers from the garden this morning. I will be pickling tonight and we’re grilling some zucchini and banana peppers with meat from our nearby butcher (local, humane, and grass raised!).

Would love to hear ideas/suggestions/opinions for the fall workshop.

And if you would like to help me make tomato sauce, talk poetry, help me pickle, talk to me while I unpack/organize or eat out of the garden, please come over.

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