New Poetry Workshop with Hoa Nguyen: on C.D. Wright’s One with Others

In this workshop, we will read and write through One with Others by C.D. Wright.

Read, write, repeat.
10 Sessions, Sept 8 – Dec 1* : conducted in real time and delivered to you so that you can engage on your time. 

Weekly written materials, a podcast recording, and an optional Google video-call feature connect participants.
Each workshop is recorded. First we read and devote the first hour to reading the text. To start the second hour, I offer a set of possibilities: writing strategies, starting points, and inventive multi-directional prompts as inspired by the poems and poetics we encounter together. Expect to generate many poems. 

Also provided are supplemental reading materials including introductory and contextualizing commentary, critical essays, interviews, links for further reading, and sound files.

Workshops for virtual students culminate in a 25-minute one-on-one consultation with me. For Toronto poets, it concludes with in-class reviews of mini-manuscripts as a community of poets.

History of the Workshop, Cost and How to Join: 
This workshop has been called “legendary”. Both in-person and virtual students say that this workshop frees and produces poems, provides revision insight , and gives new understanding to Poetics. I have led poetry workshops like this one for 20 years. See this interview with me on the poetry of and workshop on Fred Wah here for Poetry Foundation See this link for an essay on the workshop as part of the Bagley Wright Lecture Series

Cost for this 10 session series is a reasonable $190 USD/ CAD equivalent.
Limitless cyber-seats. 

For US based distance poets/funds in USD:

For Canada based distance poets/funds in CAD:

For in-person, Toronto seats: email me at to inquire. Seats limited and fill fast. Do not delay.

I will gladly send samples — and answer questions: write to

*No workshop Oct. 13, Nov 24
Required text:
One with Others 
by C.D. Wright

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