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REVIEW of VEI by Cam Scott


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VEI on Constant Critic

Karla Kelsey on Violet Energy Ingots:

“The poems themselves are violet energy ingots, a series of tenuous knowing moments that eschew the monumental gestures of narrative, polemic, or other familiar forms our cultures have made to mark modernity’s abuses …

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Toronto’s Sister Writes Celebrates Nguyen’s Violet Energy Ingots

Cindy Maguire on Violet Energy Ingots:

“Hoa Nguyen, two-time guest workshop leader at Sister Writes, has made the shortlist for the world’s largest poetry prize, the Griffin. She is nominated for her latest collection of poems, Violet

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Review of Violet Energy Ingots on diaCRITICS by Eric Nguyen

“In such a light, the project of Violet Energy Ingots seems to be not how to reconcile one’s personal life with the history of oppression, but how to own up to both the oppressions we’ve experienced and to the oppressions …

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Review of Nguyen’s Violet Energy Ingots on Full Stop

“In considering what composes Nguyen’s poetic disturbances, I find myself returning to the collection’s title and read these poems as a series of ingots. An ingot is a mass of metal cast into a shape easy for storage and further …

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End of Year Lists & Violet Energy Ingots

Owl said // Don’t destroy your house / and run


VEI at The Walrus, picked by Damian Rogers

VEI at League of Canadian Poets, picked by Kate Sutherland
VEI at knife | fork | book, Toronto’s all poetry …

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VEI in the New York Times

Violet Energy Ingots reviewed in the NYT with Etel Adnan, Peter Boyle, and Michael Palmer.



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On Bustle’s 12 New Must-Read Poetry Collections

As selected by E. CE MILLER: Cmg-Es4WcAASFht

“I’m kind of obsessed with Hoa Nguyen, and here’s why: she somehow manages to point out the serious imperfections in our modern world, in our human history, in people and societies as a whole, …

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Review of Violet Energy Ingots on Boston Review

Unknown“These are deeply personal, domestic poems, caught up in household activities, the nuances of partnership and parenthood, changing weather, and the day-to-day turbulences that make up the real terrain of our emotional lives: frustration with loved ones, appreciation for our …

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Review of Violet Energy Ingots on Canthius

UnknownLike a film with short takes and fast cuts, her use of line is awake, pared down to the essential, as if to leave what is no longer of service. Nguyen’s open form breaks borders between poems, leaving them …

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