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Article on Hoa Nguyen in the Saigoneer



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Toronto’s Sister Writes Celebrates Nguyen’s Violet Energy Ingots

Cindy Maguire on Violet Energy Ingots:

“Hoa Nguyen, two-time guest workshop leader at Sister Writes, has made the shortlist for the world’s largest poetry prize, the Griffin. She is nominated for her latest collection of poems, Violet

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Review of Violet Energy Ingots at Full Stop

“In considering what composes Nguyen’s poetic disturbances, I find myself returning to the collection’s title and read these poems as a series of ingots. An ingot is a mass of metal cast into a shape easy for storage and further …

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Violet Energy Ingots by Hoa Nguyen (September, 2016) has been listed in the top ten poetry collections of fall 2016 by Publishers Weekly!

It’s Nguyen’s fourth collection, and the first since Red Juice: Poems 1998-2008.

The poems in …

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Make-out poetry and punk rock

“Nguyen works with art that is messy and disobedient, art that makes use of distortion and force, and she spoke of music as a ritualized remedy.”

Liz Lvov on a recent talk and reading at Hamilton College.

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Profile for Brockton Writers Series

hoa-nguyen-2015Feature here for the Brockton Writers Series.



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Hoa Nguyen with Brenna Lee at Gesture


“Through investigation and play, her words show us new perspectives in which to view the mundane and ordinary. Her poems are also often a descent into the internal body, as well as into the space and silence surrounding the …

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Academy of American Poets Select Red Juice as 2014 “Stand Out” Book

“With a talent for the associative leap and for “telling it slant,” Nguyen crafts brief, arresting poems full of mind-bending inversions”

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PBS News Hour Weekly Poem from Red Juice

Weekly Poem: Hoa Nguyen links globalization and goddesses

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Domesticity and Diaspora in the poetry of Hoa Nguyen

In profile at the International Examiner with thanks to Shin Yu Pai.

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