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Interview on Diacritics

Never Go Away: Neustadt Prize Nominee Hoa Nguyen on Her Poetry

photo of the poet’s mother, 1956, Vinh Long

Oct 9, 2019

“I never considered poetry as career and forever reject the corporate model to poetry. I never approached making …

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Interview: Hoa Nguyen in Buffalo’s The Public with Kevin Thurston



Hoa Nguyen reads at the Just Buffalo Writing Center 7:30 PM on Thursday, March 15 with Sasha Steensen and Ryan Kaveh Sheldon.


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Perceptual Expressions of the Known: Hoa Nguyen on Fred Wah


Hoa Nguyen on the poetics of Fred Wah, her private workshops, Olson, Uranus in earth signs, and writing as a connecting investigation.


In conversation with Paolo Javier for the Poetry Foundation.




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Prior in Conversation with Nguyen at The Walrus

from an interview on The Walrus:

Unknown“Her poems often use carefully juxtaposed phrases— images, fragments of dialogue, puns—in order to reveal the power structures and ideologies embedded in the seemingly most innocuous of comments and objects.

‘Gather the …

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An Interview with Hoa Nguyen by Shelley Feller of BWR






“I love density, hooks, edges, and blurs—like poems as a three minute post-punk song.

But I also want to get the worlds in—and include the reader.”


On process, tarot, recent reading recommendations, and more in 

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Interview with Hoa Nguyen with James Lindsay on Toronto’s Open Book

by James Lindsay

In his introduction to Red Juice (poems 1998-2008), Anselm Berrigan describes the poetry of Hoa Nguyen as, “sonic environments made word by word, provoked by lived experience into forms …

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Interview on the Rusty Toque




Jacqueline Valencia interviews Hoa Nguyen here.



“What matters to me in poetry is when poetry risks saying something–and addresses the complicated mess that is modernity.”

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On JazzFM 91: Best Canadian Poetry 2015 with Hoa Nguyen

Recordings of a conversation with and poem by Hoa Nguyen. Text by Shirley Camia:
“The tumultuous period of the Vietnam War finds new meaning in one of the best Canadian poems of the year”


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Interview with Hoa Nguyen on Kore Biters

Hoa Nguyen on Kore Biters: A monthly interview series that highlights the writing and literary activism of women writers who are transgressive and transformative by Arisa White and Rosebud Ben-Oni.


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Poetry and Pho

In conversation with the amazing poet Paul Maziar.

“There’s ever a sense of dailiness in Nguyen’s poems, which are full of life — right now as well as the past. Reading these poems one imagines her dancing around the house …

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